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Many of the children in the state of Texas' care are older, have special needs, or are a part of a sibling group. Giocosa strives to match waiting children with loving families willing to make lifelong commitments by providing a “forever home.”

The legal adoption process can sometimes be overwhelming, but our Adoption Program staff works closely with our families from licensure to finalization and beyond to ensure a positive adoption experience. We prepare both the child and the adoptive families for the adoption by providing training, step-by-step support, and access to treatment services before and after the adoption is finalized.

If you are interested in applying to begin the adoption process with Giocosa, please download our application, complete and return to the relevant Branch Foster Home Developer (see below), depending on your location.

For general questions about adopting through Giocosa, please contact Christina Lindsey, 512.306.9241.



Round Rock



Families who provide foster care may decide to eventually adopt the child into their homes if the child becomes legally free and eligible for adoption. Once the family makes the decision to adopt a child into their home, the child will transition from foster care to adoption. Giocosa strives to match the needs of a child with the family’s ability to meet those needs prior to placement, which minimizes the number of times a child must move...


Legal Risk Adoption

Children whose biological parents’ parental rights are not yet terminated are considered as “legal risk placements.” Sometimes the legal proceeding that terminates parental rights has not been completed prior to the child coming to Giocosa for placement. Many of our younger children, infants and toddlers, are in this category. These children are placed with foster/adopt parents who want to adopt the child with the understanding that it is...


Straight Adoption

Families who want to adopt children without first providing foster care are licensed as Adoptive-only homes. Giocosa works to match children with families based on how well the family can meet a specific child’s needs. We search for children free for adoption within our foster care program and throughout the state of Texas using the...