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Becoming a Foster Parent


Foster parents provide a safe and loving environment for at-risk children, where they can learn to develop healthy relationships and reach their full potential. In addition to providing food, clothing and shelter, foster parents are responsible for transporting children to school, required visits and doctor’s appointments, court hearings and meetings; completing required monthly documentation; and completing required trainings throughout the year.

Giocosa provides state-mandated screenings and trainings for foster parents; ongoing treatment planning; and case management, therapy, and consultation services to foster parents. We also provide crisis support, respite services, and 24-hour on-call response from case managers. Financial reimbursement is also provided to foster parents.

We realize becoming a foster parent can be an overwhelming process with trainings and certifications, etc., in addition to your everyday professional and personal responsibilities. Therefore, Giocosa can provide in-home trainings for some certifications on a case by case basis. Some trainings and certifications can also be done online at your convenience. However, some trainings must take place at our branch offices, but we make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Please contact your local Foster Home Developer for more information.


Charles Jenkins

254.613.4501 (O)


Gisela Juarez

956.621.0727 (O)


Stacy Follett

817.545.5300 (O)


Mayra Martinez

956.568.7597 (O)

Round Rock

Leigh Zimmerman

512.642.6276 (O)

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