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Kids Running


Kinship foster care is when extended families take on the role as a child’s primary caregiver when the biological parents are unable to care for the child. Extended families can include a family member, family friend, neighbor, teacher or any individual who the child or family has a significant relationship with and who can provide the child with stability when they can't live with their biological parents.

Kinship foster care benefits the child by providing love and care in a familiar setting with people who the child knows and trust. In addition, the parents are provided a sense of hope that their child will remain connected to their birth families. Kinship also creates a sense of stability in the life of a child, as the child can often remain in the same school or neighborhood/community. 


If you are currently working with Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (TXDFPS) as a kinship provider and in need of training and becoming licensed, please contact your local Branch Foster Home Developer for more information.


For more information on Kinship Foster Care, please visit the TXDFPS Kinship Care website. You can also review DFPS’s Kinship Manual.

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