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Primary Medical Needs


Foster children with primary medical needs (PMN) are children who cannot live without mechanical supports or the services of others because of non-temporary, life-threatening conditions. These conditions include the inability to maintain an open airway without assistance (this does not include the use of inhalers for asthma); inability to be fed except through a feeding tube, gastric tube, or a parenteral route; use of sterile techniques or specialized procedures to promote healing, prevent infection, prevent cross-infection or contamination, or prevent tissue breakdown; or multiple physical disabilities, including sensory impairments.


Giocosa's dedicated Medical Coordinator is a licensed nurse and provides our PMN-licensed foster homes with medical guidance and assistance. In addition, PMN foster parents receive support from multiple providers for a range of services necessary to treat PMN foster children.

The need for PMN-licensed foster homes is great. The PMN program is very specialized and requires individuals and homes who are able and prepared to work with difficult and challenging situations and who are committed to providing the care, love and patience PMN foster children need. And to provide you with the support you need, our staff will be with you every step of the way.

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