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Texas Juvenile Justice Department


The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is the State Juvenile Corrections Agency and is the most serious place a juvenile offender can go in Texas. To help the youth in the Department’s care, TJJD has developed programs throughout Texas, with each treatment program customized to meet the needs and abilities of the individual youth. Giocosa is a partner with TJJD’s Residential Contract Care programs, which range from organized family care, foster group-living services, vocational trade services, secure institutional care, and gender-specific residential services. For an overview of the Juvenile Justice System in Texas, please click here.


The need for TJJD-licensed foster homes is great. The TJJD program is very specialized and requires individuals and homes who are able and prepared to work with difficult and challenging situations and who are committed to providing the guidance and patience youth in TJJD’s care need. Foster homes who work with TJJD youth have the opportunity to teach these youth about discipline, values, and work ethics, providing them with the tools and knowledge to become productive citizens and to show them that mistakes do not define who they are and that second chances exist.


If you are interested in becoming a foster home with TJJD, please contact Michael Greenwood at or 817.545.5300. Giocosa’s TJJD Case Management Specialists will be with you every step of the way, providing you with the support you need.

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